Our Google+ adventure, and an uncomfortable readiness to fail

Enough is enough. At some point, you just have to just jump into the pool.

Or, in this case, invite everyone to come swimming.

A few of us have been messing around in google+ for a while, and we like the idea of its hangouts.

We’re not completely sure how people are using g+ (is it replacing Facebook for some??), and I was inspired by the New York Times, and how its tech team hosted a google+ hangout, talking about social media and asking readers how the NYT should use this platform.

Eighty people took part in that hangout. Wow, I thought, what an awesome way to get reader feedback.

Yesterday, Time Magazine hosted its own google+ hangout, the subject was violent video games, and if they affect kids. They had 10 folks join their discussion.

I talked to our reader tech blogger, +Hendrik Pape, and Online Editor, +Roberta Pennington, about it and they were keen.

After about a week of throwing dates around, talking about discussion topics, strategies, I told them we just needed to set a date.

And here we are – on the diving board. Our g+ hangout is tomorrow (Wed., Dec. 14) at lunch time (feel free to join us at the +Ottawa Citizen page). I’m looking into the deep, cool waters, and so afraid of a belly flop.

But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? The readiness to fail and learn from it.

I’m comforted by Roberta’s g+ comment on our hangout:

“it will go something like this: Fun! Frenetic! Unpredictable! Probably a few technical difficulties! A couple of unfortunate verbal gaffes (that would be me). We meet some fantastic, tech-savvy readers. Learn a few lessons. Keep moving forward. And the next one will be even better.”

No it’s not going to be perfect, but we’ll all be together in the pool trying to figure it out.

And if not…. well, okay, that’s where I stop using this metaphor.

As I was blogging on this, a colleague I invited to hangout with us said he really didn’t think it was a good idea. His argument: people will come to the hangout and say nothing. To sum it up: it’s going to suck.

Yeah, it might not work. It could be a failure. It could be a very awful  20 minutes.

I’ll be honest – the thought that this could be a complete bomb is almost enough to make me puke.

But we’ll learn from it, right?

4 thoughts on “Our Google+ adventure, and an uncomfortable readiness to fail

  1. Good for you!!! I would love to join your hangout but unfortunately have other commitments. I am sure that it will at least be a learning experience and at best be a complete success and thrill for all of you. All the best of luck though and we all know you can’t have too much of that

  2. If it sucks, that’s OK. I’d rather try and suck than never try at all. (But, trust me, this won’t suck.)

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