Community newsrooms I’ll be examining

Photo by Flikr user ChopperReed.
Photo by Flickr user Chopper Reed.

It’s time to get off the pot.

It’s time to start my research into community newsrooms and their relationship with traditional news outlets.

I’ve already defined what I’m referring to in terms of ‘community newsroom’, and I’ve (attempted) to develop a criteria for the information these newsrooms are creating.

All that’s left in this phase of the project (according to my handy Gantt chart) is to list newsrooms I’ll be examining.

With this, and all other stages of research, I’d love your help. If I’m missing a great community newsroom project in Canada or the U.S., please, by all mean, let me know.

Newsrooms to be profiled:

The Globe and Mail – talking to its community editors, as it is content from citizen journalists, but not as a formal community newsroom
National Post Labs, new venture opening in east end of Toronto (includes Gastro Post)
The Winnipeg Free Press’ News Cafe, an active smaller community site in Steinbach, Manitoba
The Edmonton Journal’s, community initiative, The Capital Experiment
The U.S.
New Haven and Torrington, Connecticut have active community newsrooms, as well as a news café in Torrington
In Pennsylvania, three active Digital First community newsrooms: Pottstown, Lansdale, and West Chester.
In York, Pennsylvania, they have launched a mobile community newsroom dubbed the ‘newsvroom’ . Similar mobile community newsrooms have been launched in St. Paul, Minnesota and San Jose – going out in the community to cover the community
A weekly live webcast involving people from the community at the Delaware County Times.
Am I missing something? Please let me know.

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