What to do with this space

No, not that kind of space. But nice image, Hubble.
No, not that kind of space. But nice image, Hubble.

I’ve been thinking about space for awhile.

Not the nebula taken by the Hubble you see beside this post, but more micro than that. This space. This blog.

What do I want this blog to be? For the past five years I’ve blogged mostly about journalism under the blog name ‘Journomel.com’.

(At the end of October, I’m retiring that URL, replacing it with the name you see at the top of this page. I know, original.)

Maybe this space suffered an identity crisis? After 16 years in newsrooms, I’m now a ‘Communications professional’ – someone called me that to my face the other day , so I guess it must be true –  and now I’m left wondering how best to use this space. For months, I’ve written nothing. Not-so-deep space, you might say.

But here’s the thing – I’m writing, editing, producing and storytelling more than ever.  My life has always been, and continues to be, about content.

I’ve been telling stories since I was two. Sure, at that time I was developing plot lines around my best/imaginary friend Cheeky, who was the most dynamic character you’d ever imagine. But from there I was writing short stories and poems in grade school, columns for the town paper in high school and I never looked back from the student newspaper office in university.

And who doesn’t love a good story? Who doesn’t love examining how content can make its audience react?  How simple letters/words/video/visuals can move us?

I’m going to be talking about amazing digital content here people.

That’s what this space is about.

1 thought on “What to do with this space

  1. Thanks for doing this. I’m a high school journalism teacher in Michigan and just found you yesterday. Already seeing tons of things that are exactly the sorts of things my students and I need. Keep up the great work!

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