Macros, tracking and meal planning is my stress relief

A solid couple of hours of food prep can set me up for success. Full confession: this took me 45 mins on the BBQ.

The first time I started tracking meals, it took me two hours to plan the next day. I was stressed.

The whole process of weighing food, accounting for everything I ate was brand new. It took time, it took my full attention, and it made me cranky. My hands were shaking.

I wanted to be perfect. I did not want to screw it up.

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OWNING The second half

Technically, I believe I’m past middle age. But honestly, who cares?

I was 48.5 years old when the above photo was taken. I have two amazing, strong, smart teenage boys. I live in the suburbs with them, my wonderful husband and our dog and I and enjoy – yes enjoy – a professional life.

In this photo, I am the same weight when I married my sweetie 18 years ago. That got me excited until I tried on my wedding dress. It doesn’t fit – it’s too big. I’ve completely changed my body composition – in an entirely awesome way.

I jump out of bed every day, excited about the challenges and opportunities it will bring. I love my life.

But it wasn’t always this way.

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