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Photo: An unfortunate web juxtaposition

When working on newspapers, layout and design folks keep an eye out (or at least try to) for poor story placement next to advertisements.

Hypothetical:  Woe is the advertising salesman who sees a half-page ad for his client, Hypothetical Air, next to a story on a major air crash.

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You just can’t ignore the dollars and sense

If you’ve read an earlier post on metred content how it changes the objectives of a newsroom, you might think I’m all about the cash grab.

Or that I’m a Pollyanna, putting a positive spin on things.

Yeah, people got mad at that post. The thought of public service journalism  (and that is exactly what journalism is when done correctly – I’m talking about more than a Kim Kardashian photo gallery) costing something is outrageous.

To which I say: how much did that coffee cost you this morning?

Here’s the thing, here’s the ugly truth: reporters, photographers, editors, copyeditors, paginators, web editors, developers… cost money.

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