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Do not fear the newsroom: Tips for journalism interns

Recently I was asked to share tips as part of a panel at Carleton University for journalism students looking to be interns at a newsroom near you.

I’ve interviewed prospective interns, I’ve managed interns… and I’ve been an intern in TV news,  at a national women’s magazine, and in online news. (Full disclosure: Most of these were paid. The magazine, however, was not –  but they took me out for a nice lunch at the end of the internship.)

I’ve made some mistakes as an intern, witnessed some mistakes, so I have a few lessons to share. And heck, I’m just so impressed by the students I see in school these days I couldn’t say no.

The students gave us  a list of questions they wanted to see addressed. I don’t want to suggest for a minute that any of these ‘brilliant’ thoughts are trademarked, so I thought I’d post some of my key points here too:

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