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How to ‘wow’ during a newsroom internship interview

At a job interview
You don’t have to feel like this (Photo credit: Arroz y Asado)

Recently I was contacted by a candidate who had been short-listed for the Ottawa Citizen’s year-long internship opportunities.

(Note: all our interns are paid positions. Understatement: This has become a hot topic recently.)

(Also to note: If you’re entering the newsroom as an intern this summer or fall, here are a few tips I blogged about last year.)

Okay, enough notes, back to the point of this post…

I’m not on the hiring committee for these positions, but I was impressed that this candidate was doing his homework and felt comfortable reaching out to me. This was, after all, the kind of ‘cold call’ he’d be required to do on the job should he be hired.

This person’s questions were simple, but direct: how had past candidates ‘wowed’ me in interviews? And what about the top interns, what sets them apart?

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Do not fear the newsroom: Tips for journalism interns

Recently I was asked to share tips as part of a panel at Carleton University for journalism students looking to be interns at a newsroom near you.

I’ve interviewed prospective interns, I’ve managed interns… and I’ve been an intern in TV news,  at a national women’s magazine, and in online news. (Full disclosure: Most of these were paid. The magazine, however, was not –  but they took me out for a nice lunch at the end of the internship.)

I’ve made some mistakes as an intern, witnessed some mistakes, so I have a few lessons to share. And heck, I’m just so impressed by the students I see in school these days I couldn’t say no.

The students gave us  a list of questions they wanted to see addressed. I don’t want to suggest for a minute that any of these ‘brilliant’ thoughts are trademarked, so I thought I’d post some of my key points here too:

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