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Angry birds and life imitating app

My son went to a seven year old’s birthday party this weekend, so of course we found ourselves shopping for a gift only hours before the event.

When he saw the Angry Birds board game, he just about lost his mind.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! That’s it, that’s so cool!” he screamed. (Santa, take note)

I took a look at the box, which screamed (in English, Spanish and French, unlike the image to the left) that players ‘can play Angry Birds in real life.’

Because apparently, holding an iPad on the way to grandma’s house and playing the Angry Birds app is not “real life.” ??!!! Is an app ‘faux life’?

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The iPad on the wall doesn’t work

I’ll admit when I walked into the room and found our two year old standing on a TV unit,  touching and dragging his fingers across the flatscreen, I wasn’t immediately struck by his digital aptitude.

I shrieked, and shoo’ed him away and told him we don’t touch the TV.

He was was confused, and said only “I want iPad.” (In that pouty pathetic way that only really little kids can do.)

To him, that flatscreen on the wall was a giant iPad. He can find Diego with a simple touch and drag… so where was it on the TV?

Rob Woodbridge was talking about his five-year-old boys today during a presentation at work, and mentioned that they’d rather play on the iPad than watch TV.

My boys, like Rob’s are an ‘on demand’ generation. They want to watch Diego when they want to watch it, and they’re not waiting for TV to play the right show.

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Live chats: playing host to a mass interview

There are close to 1 million people in our city. I’m willing to bet they can come up with more questions than the 100 folks in our newsroom can.

For that reason, I love that newsrooms like ours are starting to change the way they are exchanging information. We’re no longer broadcasting news, we’re hosting the conversation.

Live chats are a great way to connect our readers directly with the source. I think of it as throwing a fantastic cocktail party with all the mover and shakers… and our readers. All we do is make the connection, supply the venue, and watch the conversation unfold.

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