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With 63,206 characters Facebook is our Gutenberg Press

Facebook has announced it is allowing people to post updates as long as 63,000 characters (word count has been made so quaint by Twitter, hasn’t it?)

I learned this, of course, from my Facebook subscription to Mashable’s CEO Pete Cashmore, along with a link to ‘Your new Facebook Status update: 63,206 characters or less. ”

“Oooh,” salivated another of Cashmore’s subscribers, “That’s a novel.”

As the news industry ties itself in knots trying to set its books in order, I’ve often said that we are applying a business model based on Gutenberg’s Press to the Internet.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how Facebook makes everyone a Gutenberg. Take Cashmore’s subscriber, for example, thinking first of her soon-to-be-classic epic.

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A policy for social media

Newsrooms wrestle with how to be social in forums like Facebook and Twitter, while retaining a reputation to objectivity.

We tie ourselves in knots trying to figure how to be chatty and social, and still professional.

I wonder why we can’t treat social media as simply as that.

Today, the Associated Press unveiled an update to its social media guidelines.

They were immediately attacked in the Twittersphere, particularly on this update, on how to Retweet.

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