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Great multimedia journalism of 2013

snowfallWe’ve come a long way since Snowfall, baby.

The New York Times’ massive multimedia project went live in December, 2012 and set the tone for an amazing 12 months of online journalism.

Yes, I know, we’re about a week into 2014, but it’s worth looking at some of the great multimedia journalism from 2013.

Looking at some of these amazing examples of online journalism, it’s exciting to think about the continued evolution of online storytelling.

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The NewsVroom: Four wheels and the Daily Record’s drive to connect with its community

NewsvroomRandy Parker’s vehicle for community connection is just that – a van.

The NewsVroom  goes everywhere, allowing the Daily Record in Pennsylvania to connect with its community.

Sometimes, you make a connection with your readers one person at a time – and that’s just fine by Parker, the Daily Record’s Managing Editor.

The Daily Record serves York County, Pennsylvania, an expansive region that includes 72 municipalities (with a population of about 400,000 people) and the City of York, with a population of 35,000 people.

Knowing that his readership was so spread out, Parker knew a traditional community newsroom wasn’t going to work.

People around in the region aren’t likely to travel to the Daily News’ relatively remote location in an industrial area of York, Parker said.

The NewsVroom functions as much as marketing tool as it does a mobile reporting unit. Parker is clear with his staff that the van doesn’t belong to the newsroom alone – it belongs to everyone.

The NewsVroom is at a high school football game every Friday night of the season. GametimePA’s Editor Elizabeth Jones manages all sports events.

Parker’s marketing team sets up what he calls a “carnival atmosphere” with tables and tents, and invites people to come see his news organization’s iPad app and how it works. Continue reading The NewsVroom: Four wheels and the Daily Record’s drive to connect with its community

Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe: Random acts of journalism… and a coffee

Lights, camera, action.... and a coffee.
Lights, camera, action…. and a coffee.

Judging by the set up, the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe looked ready for a televised interview with former Canwest CEO Leonard Asper.

But as Free Press reporter Geoff Kirbyson began asking the local celebrity about the demise of his father’s decades-old media company, it became clear that this was no regular studio interview.

Two men in the back chatted loudly, shooting the breeze over a cup of coffee.

This is, after all, a news cafe.

When Kirbyson asked Asper if his father might be disappointed in how he handled the company, another patron said loudly: “what a stupid question.”

This is what makes the News Cafe such a different, wonderful beast.

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Hard or soft news – you tell me

Photo by Flickr user Eva Rinaldi
Photo by Flickr user Eva Rinaldi

As I research community newsrooms, I plan to note the kind of stories are being produced.

Struggling with shrinking resources and budgets, I’m sure many publishers think it would be grand to think that a citizen journalist might sit down and cover a town council meeting – but is this really the case?

My gut tells me that the community would far rather review a new local burger joint than produce 750 words on a transportation committee meeting.

But that’s just my gut. I have no numbers to back this up.

And I want these numbers.

Put simply, I plan to measure (as well as you can measure journalistic productivity) these categories of content into hard or soft news.

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Top 10 multimedia skills new journalists should have

Photo by Flickr user EIU
Photo by Flickr user EIU

Now that I’m in a university environment, I’ve been thinking about the skills I learned as a journalism student, and what schools are teaching students today.

Ideally, a student should graduate from journalism school with skills that prepare them to walk into a newsroom – any newsroom – and thrive. (These skills should of course be in addition to sound news judgement and an understanding of journalism ethics and the importance of responsible reporting.)

So here’s my grocery list of ideal skills for the newsroom newbie:

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Defining ‘community newsroom’

Photo by Flickr user Steven W.
Photo by Flickr user Steven W.

The first task, as I begin this project to examine community newsrooms and their impact on the traditional news organizations, is to define what the heck I’m looking at.

When I detailed  my plan to research community newsrooms, a few readers of this blog were correct in pointing out that I need to begin for defining a community newsroom.

Indeed, when when speaking to a relative (and small business owner) about my project, she asked “What the heck do you mean by community newsroom?”

Community can mean many things to different people. For some it’s gepgraphic, others it’s demographic.

Joseph Thornley, CEO of PR firms Thornley Fallis and 76 Design,  noted the newsrooms I intend to examine didn’t have an ‘about’ page, to explain exactly what they were. His suggestion:

Perhaps you could start out with a post defining a “community newsroom” and listing some of the key characteristics/functions common to them.

Great idea. So here goes…

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Disrupting the workflow: Changes in newsroom layout at the BBC and technology at the New York Daily News

During a session on designing a digital newsroom at the recent ONA conference, Anjali Mullany of Fast Company (previously of New York Daily News) raised some interesting points about technology and its impact on workflow.

Mullany followed Gabriel Sama of Rest of the World Media, and Steve Hermann of BBC News online.

Sama talked about the physical newsroom – and said that it must be designed with the audience in mind, and must answer these questions:

  • Who does the news organization want to reach?
  • How does it want to reach its audience?
  • What does it want to do and where does it want to publish it?

Newsroom production is project-driven, Sama said, and Newsroom design has been forced to move from the conceptual to pragmatic.

The BBC’s Hermann echoed this when he outlined a major shift in thinking at Britain’s biggest newsroom.

In 2008, the Beeb went from many different newsrooms that didn’t communicate with each other (BBC World, BBC Bulletins, BBC Online, and News 24) into a bigger, merged newsroom.

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Why HBO’s The Newsroom makes me nervous

It’s the start of another school year, and hundreds of thousands of students are starting at journalism school.

This, fresh after the conclusion of HBO’s The Newsroom.

I’ll admit to being a little caught up with life, and only watching the series now. I’m not alone when I say it’s a great show.

But there’s a nagging voice I keep hearing when folks rave about The Newsroom, and it’s saying to me: ‘it’s a show.’

And I hope – I truly hope – that there aren’t people signing up for journalism school, intending to get a job in Aaron Sorkin’s newsroom.

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Using Facebook and Google to run a student newsroom

I teach a second-year ‘Fundamentals of Reporting’ class at Carleton University’s j-school –  but often I’m learning just as much from the students.

These past three weeks, we’ve been running ‘newsroom days’ – students come in with a story, and then head out for the day to chase another, putting out a publication at 5 p.m. The class is large enough that we actually put out two publications at the end of the day, with students alternating roles between Managing Editor or desker and reporter.

This year, Facebook and Google played key roles in putting out our student publications at the end of the day.

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How newsrooms can be more than a link farm

  1. Our newsroom at the Ottawa Citizen, like those across the country, is a tight ship. Everyone is busy – especially on weekends, when we’re down to basically a skeleton staff. Our weekend folks have to be able to do everything, and fast.

  2. In addition to the rest of her work on a busy Saturday, Kirstin Endemann was responsible for The CItizen’s Twitter feed. This meant answering questions:
  3. @OttawaCitizen hi! How long does it usually take to decide whether or not to publish “an emailed opinion” thanks
    November 19, 2011 9:59:00 PM EST
  4. @basma_aal Not long, usually.Email it to Letters (at) undefined.
    November 20, 2011 7:24:02 AM EST
  5. @OttawaCitizen I did thanks
    November 20, 2011 10:22:16 AM EST
  6. A regular part of an online editor’s job is to post links to our top stories. The goal, of course, is to increase page views on a sunny weekend..
  7. But there’s a difference between just posting links and tempting readers: