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Why are we overthinking ReTweets?

 Really? Are we really banging our heads against a wall trying to figure out a 140-character RT?

It’s pretty simple. Anything a journalist Tweets/ReTweets/favourites is the same as putting a sign on their lawn.

And yet, it appears the journalistic community is wringing its hands with how to deal with the humble ReTweet.

First, AP comes out with its new ReTweeting guidelines.

Today, Poynter‘s Jeff Sondeman wrote about The problem with ReTweets and how journalists can solve it.

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Journalism and the ubiquity of mobile

When I sent my reporting class out to do an observational reporting exercise (basically ‘go be a fly on the wall’) this week, only about 20 per cent of them left with their note books.

Interesting, I thought. I wondered how they would do with this assignment.

They were told to go out and watch a scene, and come back with 10 details to share with the group.

How to remember intricate details of a scene without a notebook? I didn’t know how they would do it.

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