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Booze, Twitter and what people really want out of a tweet

A friend of mine, recently promoted to an executive-level position, asked if I could help her with Twitter.

“I’ve been told I need to twit,” she said.

It’s extremely (if dangerously so) easy, I told her, and I offered up this gem: don’t drink and tweet.

Indeed, when Jeff Jarvis was in Ottawa last fall promoting his book Public Parts and advocating for publicness, he spoke of an incident where he did just that.

After a few glasses of wine, he was watching a TV report on the debt ceiling, and he tweeted this:

One of Jarvis’ followers suggest he use the hashtag ‘#fuckyouwashington’ and things took off – a week later more than 100,000 people were using the hash tag. (Jarvis has a hilarious account of the incident, and a data visualization of the flurry of #fuckyouwashington tweets)

But at his Ottawa talk, Jarvis said that while the flurry of the hash tag was interesting and exciting, he wasn’t sure twitter was the right place to go after a drink or two.

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A foot, the government, and strong Twitter reporting

  1. I was so impressed with how our reporters worked together on Twitter to break this bizarre tale, I had to timeline it with storify. We owned this story from the start, something our reporters should be proud of.
    Hearing news that a suspicious package was delivered downtown, and the police unit’s HazMat team on scene, Citizen reporter Chloe Fedio offered to go check it out. She started tweeting from the scene.

Why journalists can’t turn their noses up at Facebook

You’re always a journalist, I believe. You can’t separate what you say from what you write.

For that reason, I’ve always been a fan of Facebook, but I’ve had trouble reconciling what it does (broadcasting an issue I’m having with a cheesecake recipe) and what I do (managing an online team and directing our social media and communities strategies). For that reason, I’ve been on Facebook, but I’ve always been very cautious about having friends, what I like, and what I share.

Not exactly the model of openness and sharing that Facebook was designed for.

Enter Vadim Lavrusik at this year’s Online News Association conference. Vadim works for Facebook now, as its Journalist Program Manager.  He made a presentation on Facebook for Journalists (surprise), and I realized we just can’t ignore Facebook. The stats are amazing:

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