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Does the public need to know what journalists think?

I’ve noticed a shift in how people regard journalists, and the transparency expected of them.

When I first started out in this business, it was quickly apparent that I as a journalist should never be openly vocal about my views on an issue while reporting on it, or having a hand in reporting it.

For example: during an election, I never have a candidate’s sign on my lawn.

In my view, I’m supposed to remain impartial during the campaign (the fact that I no longer put words in the paper or online is irrelevant. I’m an editor, and can direct our coverage). A sign on my lawn would indicate – not just to my neighbours – that I have a preference.

But after a great ethics discussion with journalism students at Carleton University, I wonder if there has been a shift.

Indeed, Jeff Jarvis says that we should share as much as possible in  ‘publicness’  – I would assume this would include a reporter’s political leanings.

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