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Beat reporting in the digital age

Hours before their website won the Knight Award for Public Service at the 2012 Online Journalism Awards, DC Homicide Watch’s Laura and Chris Amico said it’s important to not get lost in the technology and remember that the purpose to tell a story.

Though it’s a massive database detailing every homicide from incident to sentencing (or cold case status) in Washington DC, their site’s logo echoes this sentiment:

‘Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case.’

When building the site, Chris and Laura said they were aware that though the deaths were an organizing principle, or their beat,  the focus had to be on storytelling and community building.

“Beats are built for and around a community, with a clear understanding of who a beat is for, and what it’s about,” said Chris Amico.

The DC Homicide Watch founders talked about beats during a session they hosted with Politico’s Juana Summers  at this year’s ONA conference.

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