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8 great reads on Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post

Photo by flickr user vpickering
Photo by flickr user vpickering

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has bought the Washington Post for a cool $250 million.

In his letter to Post employees, Bezos wrote:

The Internet is transforming almost every element of the news business: shortening news cycles, eroding long-reliable revenue sources, and enabling new kinds of competition, some of which bear little or no news-gathering costs. There is no map, and charting a path ahead will not be easy. We will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment.”

Media analysts were stunned by this announcement. But they were quick to share their thoughts on the end of the Graham family’s reign on this newspaper empire.

I’ve compiled some of the most interesting thoughts here:

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Can metered content save journalism?

Ok, hear me out on this one before you sit down to type out all your objections to metered content/paywalls/paid content  in online news.

Let me just point out how meters and paywalls change the objective of a newsroom.

Today, my company launched meters in four of its markets, including mine. Starting this morning, Ottawacitizen.com is free for print subscribers, 99 cents for the first month and then $9.99/month after that for all-access subscribers. (Here’s the FAQ on our subscriptions, and a note from our Publisher to readers. You can read about our subscription options here).

Rather than express my thoughts on metered content, which a) won’t change a thing, and b) won’t change a thing when it comes to our newsroom, I plan to take a look the long view.  I’ll be watching how meters/paywalls affect the business of news – and how we practise journalism long term.

Because the way we’ve been doing things online – competing for page views so that we can gain revenue from advertisers in a pay-per-click business model – isn’t working.

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