Why do a photo shoot? Here’s my why

Incredible shot by Paul Buceta

1️⃣ I need a goal. I get up before 5 am most days to workout, to sweat, to lift. I want to work towards something. For me that means regattas and improving my rowing – but also my strength.

Booking a shoot months in advance gives me something to look forward to and work towards. Tomorrow I commence a 12-month build. And yes, you’re damn right I already have a shoot booked for 2022.

2️⃣ I love capturing a moment in time. Progress. This shoot shows where I’m at. It celebrates my hard work, and marks my growth. I’ve invested time (and $$) into this body and my health – and I can see that.

And that brings me to my favourite reason to do a photo shoot.

3️⃣ I feel confident. Strong. Beautiful. The camera doesn’t lie.

I sometimes hear an ugly voice in my head that talks down to me. Points out flaws.

The camera silences that voice, it shows me what others see. God bless Paul Buceta] and his talents for capturing this fierce, determined woman who is in two months turning 49.

I wish every woman could experience this feeling. We all deserve to feel this good in our skin.

Why do a photo shoot? Why the hell not?

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