Quick filling meal on a cut

Fresh herbs are my go-to for edible pleasure.

Okay, so you’re on a cut. Carbs are precious.

At the same time, family is coming over for a pizza party to celebrate your youngest son’s birthday.

What do you do?

Well, here’s one thing you don’t do. You’re not touching that GD pizza. Especially, when you’re like I was on Sunday night – under four weeks away from your goal: a photo shoot.

Knowing everyone was eating ‘za, I knew I had to make something special. I love anything with pesto, so I made this cauliflower rice bowl IN ADVANCE (key) and sat down to eat it with everyone else.

No pizza consumed, and much laughter ensued. I never felt I was missing out.

Here’s how I made it:

1. Sauté (fancy word for fry) red onions in a pan until browned.

2. Weigh and add your broccoli/cauliflower rice. I have been buying this at the grocery store, but I think I’m going to start ricing my own with a food processor.

3. Cook until veggies are softer, they will be slightly transparent.

4. Add your measured pesto. I get mine from Costco.

5. Weigh and add your goat cheese. it will make your dish lovely and creamy.

6. Add in your measured protein. Normally I would add chicken breast I’ve prepared, but I was low on it – I had only 49 grams left. Ack! Not to worry, on this night I added egg whites to the bowl. Yummy and lots of volume!!!

7. Cook until warmed – obviously I had to cook egg whites a little longer than I would have for chicken breasts.

8. You’re done! Salt and pepper to taste and garnish with green onions. Or cilantro. Or both.

This dish is so warm, filling and lovely in my belly. And the best part? I didn’t stray from my goals.

Here are the teeny tiny macros for this dish, as I made it:

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